Saturday, January 5, 2008

Making new friends in Chiang Mai

Dave and I have made some wonderful new friends here in Chiang Mai. We met Yui and Dao at an expat luncheon within 36 hours of our arrival. They have showed us all around Chiang Mai! We could not have met two nicer ladies. There is no way that I can cover all of the places that we have visited together in this blog. We will never forget our time together here.

Here we are posing together one evening enjoying some live music together:
We visited a Thai farm owned by Dao's family.

Here we are at one of the buffets we all went to together. From left to right we have Travis, Yui, Dave, Dao, Maurice, Billy, Akaisha, and Don (more on Don later! ;-). By the way, this buffet was amazing (Western, Chinese, Thai) and the cost was about US $5 for all you can eat.

Here are Dao and I overlooking the city:

A retire early board meeting shot ;-) :

This is the first Christmas that I have ever spent apart from my family. But this year was still special as we all attended an orphanage fundraiser together. The School for Life is located a few kilometers outside of Chiang Mai and it was fun to meet some of the kids!

Other friends Ploy (center) and Dao (right, same name as our Dao) also joined us at the orphange:
Later in the week, we celebrated Yui's birthday together. Happy Birthday, Yui!!

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