Saturday, January 12, 2008

New Year's Eve in Chiang Mai

We spent New Year's Eve in beautiful Chiang Mai. We started the evening off with a wonderful dinner at Pom Pui Italian restaurant, eating under the stars (almost all Thai restaurants are open air). Here are Dao, Don, Travis, and Dave:
Then we walked over to Taepa Gate which is like a super-mini-Times-Square. The atmosphere there was wonderful!

The sky was filled with these "fire balloons" and naturally we had to join in on the action:
Then we strategically located ourselves on the second floor of a Starbucks overlooking the action. They had a patio where we could see everything. There were fireworks bursting in the air; everyone was excited but well behaved and it was a wonderful experience!!
By the end of the evening we were a bit tired but happy that 2008 was upon us:
One year ago I never dreamed that I would be seeing in 2008 in Thailand in perfect weather with both familiar and new friends. 2007 was a huge year of transition for me: quitting my job, moving from the Bay Area, taking a long trip abroad . . . what a year 2007 was! I thank God everyday for the many blessings in my life.


Andy said...

The Candle Kite or that hot air what-you-call-it is too cool. I think this is one of them things akin to a pet rock. I think American Children would absolutely fall over backwards to buy them. I purchased one in Koh Samet and the man set it off, I think 50 Baht or something. I first saw them in the movie the Beach.
Candle Kite

Travis said...

Andy, the problem is that these things are illegal in the developed world. When they land there is (presumably) a chance of fires. The developed world does not like risk or risky fun. I saw these things in Cuenca, Ecuador also, and they are just beautiful up in the sky. Travis