Tuesday, October 9, 2007

My Feet Stink

Well, I promised to be honest and here goes: my feet stink! By the time I return to the hotel room in the evening, after all that walking in humid and hot Asia conditions, my feet are not pleasant to be around.

I mentioned this problem to Helen, and she immediately recommended an Asian remedy: baby powder. I have been sprinkling my feet with it each morning ever since and it does seem to help some. I have also taken to "feet showers" during the day and evening.

What else did I forget? Well, I needed a plastic cover for my passport. It started to get a sweaty smell as I kept it close to my body on my waist at all times. So Helen gave me her plastic passport cover and that has seemed to solve the problem.

Really, that is about it. I seemed to have had everything else that I needed. I also bought a pair of "sandal socks" over here which are thin nylon type socks that you can wear while wearing sandals that minimize any skin abrasions from the sandals due to a lot of walking.

Oh wait, I forget my backup pair of eyeglasses -- I brought the case thinking they were in there, but when I looked inside during my trip the case actually contained the sunglass cover for my eyeglasses, not the eyeglasses themselves. I really have not been able to wear contacts much over here so I really hope that I don't break or lose my only pair of eyeglasses!

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hk said...

Hi Travis
You should be able to walk into any eyeglass store and get a pair of glasses ordered. My experience had been that it would take about a couple of days and it should be lot cheaper compared to the US