Saturday, October 20, 2007

Meeting friends on the road

I was quite leary of traveling by myself once Helen had to return home from Hanoi after our travels together of about a month.

However, on the train from Hanoi, the same day that Helen left me, I met up with Misty, a technical editor from American taking about seven months off to travel through Asia. Misty and I hung out for about four days and had a great time exploring Hue, the old Vietnamese capital, together.

In the next town, Hoi An, I met up with John, an Australian investor. John was very interesting and tried hard to get me to deviate from my passive investing strategies ;-) But we had a lot of fun over a couple of days and reaffirmed my affinity for all Australians!

In the next town, Nha Trang, I met wonderful friends Gary, Lorraine, Louise, and Daan in our diving class. Gary, Lorraine, and Louise are traveling together for a year around the world tour -- they are from Britain. Daan is taking a couple of months break here in Vietnam -- he is from The Netherlands. Wow, we all had so much fun together. And we met up several times for dinner in Saigon, also. The fact that Lorraine and Louise are identical twins made for some interesting travel stories!

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