Wednesday, August 22, 2007

What am I packing?

It takes a lot of planning to figure out what to bring on your trip. Take too much and you become vulnerable to theft, reduce your transportation options, reduce your trip enjoyment and maintain the obligation to carry a heavy brick everywhere you travel in a tropical climate.

Take too little and you may not have what you need when you really need it and, if it is a specialty item, it may not even be available to buy later on the trip.

I have posted photos and detailed captions of everything that I am bringing at:

My final pack and all books weigh about 15 Kg (33 pounds). The size is probably 1.7 times the size of a strictly legal carry on. I really thought I could pack things lighter and more compact than that, but it is what it is. Everything that I own that matters for the next few months will be on my back.

Other things not pictured are all of the paperwork: ATM cards, Credit card, International Driving License (I might rent a motorbike at some point), passport (and paper copies), US drivers license, eye prescription, vaccination records, photos, postcards to show folks abroad what it is like back home, some US dollars, traveler's checks, pictures of loved ones, etc.

I scanned in my important documents and store them in a secure email account. And I have gotten just about every vaccination over the last couple of years, including a few boosters a month ago. I am ready to go!

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