Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Meeting D.J. and Catherine in Yangon

Our trip to Myanmar was bookended by dinners with D.J. and Catherine. D.J. is principal of the International School of Yangon and Catherine is the librarian. They have worked their way around the world by holding teaching positions in many countries. We first met through the couchsurfing web site.

Here we are for our first dinner in a fancy Yangon Restaurant (total bill of $32, including tip, that is about as expensive as it gets in Myanmar ;-):

Here is our dinner at their house on our last night in Myanmar:

There is just something about meeting Americans on the road that I love (and I meet so few). And D.J. and Catherine had great insight into Burmese culture and what it is like to live and work around the world. They also both speak passable Mandarin. Their next post is Hong Kong starting in late summer. Thanks so much for your hospitality!

By the way, I have had various friends over the years who were teachers in the USA. One thing that I have suggested to them is that a great way to make money and expose your kids to different cultures and a great education is to make a living as international teachers. You can save most of your salary since the schools usually provide your housing (and many other things) in addition to providing you with a generous salary. Most worldwide international schools teach their curriculum in English. They get the summers off (and usually a plane ticket home is provided for you and your family).

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