Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Tagaytay City and Taal Volcano

We all went to Tagaytay City (by combination of jeepney and tricycle), which is about 55 kilometers (35 miles) from Manila. Jeepneys are smoke belching trucks with a bench on each side in the back that provide transportation in the cities and shorter distances between many cities in the Philippines. The fares to ride the jeepenys are very cheap (typically less than 20 US cents for shorter distances) and you can stop them almost anywhere on the street as they are driving. You just look for a jeepney with a sticker for where you are going. Here is a typical Jeepney:

Tagaytay City is next to Taal Lake and in the center of the lake is Taal Volcano which has another lake inside it. It is quite spectacular!

We rode horses to the top of the volcano. Here is a picture of Aru (center) on her horse:

Here is a picture of Michelle and I with the lake inside the volcano in the background:

We had such a great time around Tagaytay eating local food and our place had a private picnic bench with a great view of the lake. I can't believe how friendly the Filipino people have been to me!

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